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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mendonoma Meandering

Jenner Grade
From the point
The cove
One of my favorite places in the world - the Mendonama Coast. A few hours north of EssEff, it is an easy escape. This day I am escaping the inescapable prospect of facing the end of middle age. Or the beginning of ... No. I can't say it. Generally birthdays don't bother me, but once you hit this milestone you just can't pretend anymore. Old is not a state of mind. Old is old. Doesn't mean you have to live like you're old, and I have no intention of doing so, but ... still.  It is what it is.  Here some pics from an enjoyable couple of days.

Birthday Boy
The weather was beautiful, the ocean was calm, and the water was almost as clear as the sky. 

I only regret abalone are out of season

Sea Ranch Sunset...

Self portrait with sunset
Birthday dinner at St.Orres...

Birthday dinner with sweetheart...
... under the dome.

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