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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

NFC North Rules. Bears Rule NFC North.

My nephews show their true colors.

I don't know if anyone else noticed, but in week 16:

The Chicago Bears beat the 10-5 New York Jets by a score of 38-34
The Green Bay Packer beat the 9-6 New York Giants 45-17
The Minnesota Vikings beat the 10-5 Philadelphia Eagles 24-14
The Detroit Lions beat the Miami Dolphins 34-27

The Norris Division is pretty much laying waste to the entire NFL, and...

...the Chicago Bears rule the NFC North.

The Bears are undefeated in the division for the season heading into the season finale in Green Bay. Quite the conundrum - the Bears have nothing to play for, and their best path to the Superbowl may be to lose to Green Bay - setting the second best team in the NFC loose as a wild card guided missile in the playoffs.. to whit:

Green Bay goes to Philadelphia and knock off the Eagles in the wild card game, while the Bears enjoy the Minnesota Vikings Christmas gift of a bye week. Then the Bears beat New Orleans in a blizzard in Chicago while Green Bays knocks off Atlanta in Atlanta. Then the Bears beat Green Bay in the NFC Championship game in Chicago - again.

I hate to say it, but the Bears should rest their starters in Green Bay this weekend.

It just may be time to drag out that old 1985 Mike Ditka Bear sweater.

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