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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Where's Morpheus?

We'll be playing "Where's Morpheus" for the next few years. This morning Jim, Deb and Ita took Morpheus under the Golden Gate and out to sea on a journey that will take her to Block Island on the East Coast. In between - the Central American coast (both sides), the Panama Canal, various Caribbean Islands, Florida and the Eastern Seaboard.

Received this e-mail from Jim as Morpheus set out on her grand journey:

Finally!!! We are within an hour of departure!! Block Island here we come.

Too tired to type much at this point, but we are off to LA and the Cal/USC game! It’s a 50 hour trip and we plan to stop in Santa Barbara to pick up Patrick, so we’ll be moving along

Best way to track our progress….

Ok, that’s it. Time to hit the road!!


This is a screenshot of the SPOT website as Morpheus did a flyby between us and Alcatraz on her way out of the bay:

After a brief SMS text exchange:

Smooth transition - Coffee to beer - we must be cruising!!! - JG

And I'm not. - mw

...Sigrid got some good shots on the fly-by:

Under the gate:

... And out to sea.

No telling when we will next see Morpheus in San Francisco Bay. I'll see if I can get the SPOT widget in the sidebar to track their journey as we intend to join them along the way.

Someday and somewhere down the road down the coast the Google Latitude "Where Am I?" widget should intersect with the SPOT "Where's Morpheus?" widget. I love technology.

Bon Voyage my friends.

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