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Monday, July 19, 2010


Nephew Roy is in town to do battle in some top secret internecine union battle. His first visit to The City since I took him on a power tour as a high school senior five years ago. We went to my favorite sushi bar in SF - Shimo on Clement. Will update with more sushi porn pics later.

-- Sent from my Palm Pre
Roy claims that all "Chicago iPhone-toting progressives" like sushi. I am unconvinced. Shimo has been our sushi standard in SF for over 20 years. Consistent high quality with an unpretentious neighborhood ambiance. The prices have gone up over that time, but it is still a favorite. I thought I should take this opportunity to expand Roy's sushi horizons. As promised - some sample Sushi porn from the evening:

ama ebae

tempura shrimp heads

maguro and hamachi

ankimo (monkfish liver)

caterpillar roll




Jeff Carlson said...

Looks extraordinarily scrumptious in a most bipartisan way.

mw said...

It was good. Politics were kept to a minimum, as we pretended to respect each other's views in order to better enjoy the fish.

Sean Rea said...

You should go check out the impressionist exhibit at the De Young which is visiting from the Orsay in Paris. We went a couple weeks ago -- well worth it.

Roy said...

The sushi was really good. The mackerel wasn't my style, but the rest... Yeah, it put midwest sushi to shame.