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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Losing Ground at Callippe Preserve

Our April Oracle Golf Club Event was at Callippe Preserve in the East Bay.  Bob F was again my regular OGC playing partner. We were paired with Bob D and Sam. 

I've played with Bob D at Oracle events before. He remembered I documented his missed birdie putt in a previous event and so forewarned Sam about my golf blogging fetish. 

Pretty course, beautiful day, but our team finished 9 strokes back.

Bob F was particularly proud of this drive. I don't remember why.
Let's get the results out of the way - from Club Management:
Callippe - Dan Poirier Memorial Results 
Thank you to the 24 players who joined us at Pleasanton's Callippe Preserve for a gorgeous day of golf ... most of the pins were cut in "diabolic" locations.  Callippe is tough enough with "normal" pin placements, but some of Saturday's pin locations made the day all the more challenging.  
Team Champions:56+69=125 (-19) Lisa, Deane, Joyo & John 
The other team scores were 126 (-18), 130 (-14), 2 at 133 (-11), and 134 (-10)
Yes, I think we finished last. It's not my fault. I cannot carry these team events by myself. Sam was the only walkaway winner in the foursome with a Closest to the Pin on 16. 

To 8' 8" from the pin
Some more shots from the day:

Bob out of trap.
Bob D was distracted by my camera beeping in his backswing.
Bob off the tee and on to the next fairway

Bob F with more sand problems
I'll wrap up with the now traditional shot of Bob D missing a birdie putt:

Nice par.
We're almost four months into the year and a quick check of my NCGA stats show a paltry 6 rounds posted. I continue to lose ground on my 2018 Golfing Resolutions to play half as many rounds of golf as the President of the United States. According to one ledger, Trump has played a confirmed 7 and likely 17 rounds so far this year, including a probable round at Trump International at West Palm Beach this very day. I've got to step up the pace. 

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