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Sunday, September 25, 2016

24th (or 33rd) Anniversary Dinner

24 roses - 24 years
Not sure whether my blogging is slowing down or life is moving too fast, but September was a lost month for the blog. There were a number of events I intended to post but never quite got around to it. Some conferences, some golf, some museums and art. Good stuff, but not on the blog. Perhaps we'll backfill them at some point. Perhaps not. In any case, this is one I cannot miss. Our 24th wedding anniversary.

Our official wedding was on September 25, 1992, but I start the count 9 years earlier. Sigrid and I moved to San Francisco in January 1983 in the middle of an El Nino year. That's when our journey together began and it's been a great adventure with my lover and best friend ever since.

We celebrated with dinner at Chapeau!, a French Bistro in the Inner Richmond.  We've heard about the  restaurant, but this was our first visit. Won't be our last. The Zagat blurb:
"Known for emerging from the kitchen to “greet his guests”, chef Philippe Gardelle demonstrates “equal parts charm and culinary skill” at this “welcoming” Inner Richmond “date spot”, serving “classic French bistro fare” in all its “bold, savory and creamy” “perfection” alongside “wonderful regional wines”; most consider it a “great value” (the early-bird special in particular is “a steal”)"
We got the full Chapeau experience as soon as we arrived. Chef Gardelle was having a smoke on the curb. We introduced ourselves and discussed the sun setting on Clement before he escorted us into the restaurant.  The food and service were superb.

Seared Foie Gras was on the menu as an appetizer. It's one of our favorites, and after the idiotic ban was struck down, we make a point of seeking out foie gras and the restaurants that serve it. It was delicious, beautifully prepared and presented.

I had a rack of lamb, Sigrid had the filet,accompanied by an excellent 2011 Rhone at a surprisingly reasonable price.  We finished with a cheese plate and creme brulee.

We were very happy.

On to the next 24. Or 33. Or hopefully, even more.

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