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Monday, April 20, 2015

It's 4-20. WAZE routes me down Haight Street.

Actual Unretouched Photo of San Francisco Haight Street on 4-20-2015
It's 4:20 on 4-20 and I need to pick up my cousin at UCSF Medical Center on Parnassus. Between here and there is Golden Gate Park and the 420 celebration:

I have come to rely on WAZE to route me around traffic. It usually does a a pretty good job. So what does WAZE do on 4-20? It routes me down Haight Street. Of course.

What should have been a 40 minute round trip, took almost 2 hours. No point in getting mad. Nothing to be done but roll down the window and enjoy the atmosphere.

UPDATE: Good to see those 4-20 Earth Day Values celebrated and promoted in such a responsible way:
When the throngs of stoners departed from Sharon Meadow in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park after the annual 4/20 free-for-all Monday evening, cleanup crews were quick to swoop in.
City officials have conceded that shutting down the event — which sees thousands of pot-smoking revelers descend on the park for the marijuana holiday — is effectively impossible. So police, gardeners and park rangers do what they can to minimize the impacts of the weed orgy....  We were a little more organized this year, a little better prepared,” said Phil Ginsburg, the head of the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department, as he raked a pile of empty plastic Jell-O shot cups, food wrappers and other refuse scattered on the hill.  “But it’s still pretty nasty out here,” he added.

I have just one thing to say. YOU KIDS GET OFF OUR LAWN!
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1 comment:

Civic Center said...

Those who depend on technology when common sense would urge a different path are often punished. Or so I read in a fortune cookie recently.

And the evolving nationwide 4-20 Celebration has nothing to do with Earth Day. The former seems to be for teenagers to congregate in a public place and get stoned, rather like St. Patrick's Day with a gentler drug than alcohol. The latter is for Old Hippies being nostalgic for a prior era's movements before they were co-opted by nonprofits.