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Friday, July 12, 2013

Transatlantic Passage - The Movie(s)

Captain Jim has been busy compiling pictures from our transatlantic passage into short slide shows. There are too many pics for one slide show, so he broke it up into four flicks. IMHO - they're all good, but get better as we get closer to Portugal. 

The complete series with his comments and links to his blog:

Morpheus Transatlantic Passage - Chapter 1 - Preparation
"Almost five weeks have past, since we first arrived in Europe.  They have been five busy weeks, but that's no excuse for having not put together an overall summary of the journey....Well, the good news is that I am finally working on getting that massive post written and published..."

Morpheus Transatlantic Passage - Chapter 2 - Saint Martin to Azores:
"...a slideshow covering our journey from St. Martin to to the island of Horta in the Azores.  As previously mentioned, and documented in detail if you followed our daily blog posts, we had a very good trip...."

Morpheus Transatlantic Passage - Chapter 3 - The Azores
"We enjoyed our short stays on both Horta and San Miquel.  If we all had more time, we would have happily stayed in the Azores for another couple of weeks.  But, we didn't have that time and there was a passage across the Atlantic Ocean for the four of us to complete... Our initial arrival came with a bit of "land sickness" as the earth felt as though it was moving under our feet.  14 days at sea gets your inner ears used to constant movement..."

Morpheus Transatlantic Passage - Chapter 4 - Azores to Portugal
 "Other than Mike's injury, the last leg was flawless and we roared into Cascais, Portugal on a broad reach in 20+ knots of wind on a warm sunny day! The perfect finish to a nearly perfect trip across the Atlantic Ocean!"

Morpheus - Atlantic Crossing - Azores to Portugal from Jim Gregory on Vimeo.

Thanks Jim. Great job. Great passage. Great experience.

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Rick said...

AWESOME! Two thumbs up!