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Friday, March 22, 2013

Morpheus Fishing Crew Union Organizing Meeting

We are only a month away from a "bucket list" adventure.  I'll be joining Captain Jim aboard the Morpheus for a sail across the pond. Last time I saw Morpheus was that first green pin on the left as she sailed out of San Francisco Bay October 13, 2010 at the beginning of her grand cruise.

Jim & Deb take Morpheus out of the bay and points South

Today I got together with future crew mate Bob at the Up and Under in Richmond.

We last met in Cabo in the spring  of 2010.

 Bob was  part of the successful Morpheus race crew finishing 1st in Cabo. There I joined the delivery crew to bring her home.

Bob's a fisherman.  We're planning on eating fresh fish during the Atlantic passage so started working on ideas for converting the Morpheus into a fishing trawler. But first things first - beer and fish tacos:

Then over to Bob's to review his gear and discuss what we'll need.

I got nothing. Bob's got everything we need. He also has big plans for our fishing rig:

Looks right to me. Not sure how Jim is going to feel about the modifications we are envisioning for Morpheus. But we need to ensure an adequate supply of fresh fish for the journey.  We've had good luck and bad luck fishing from the Morpheus on prior passages.  I see no reason to take any chances here.

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