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Friday, January 27, 2012

A Walk in the Park

I used to regularly get out to Lincoln Park two or three times per week for a crack-of-dawn back nine.

This morning, I managed to drag myself out of bed and make my way to the course at sunrise for my first outing of the year. Now I remember why I used to do this regularly. Perhaps it is time to get back in the habit.

Some vistas caught on my Droid as I made my way around the back:

Sunshine on the17th tee and low fog across the golden gate

17th Panorama (click on image to enlarage)

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Civic Center said...

Ah, lighting by God at Lincoln Park. Even with your limited camera you managed to capture it. I'll get in touch in a couple of weeks to see if you're interested in a Lincoln Golf Course morning, though I don't know about crack-of-dawn. It's pretty then, but has bad associations with work.

mw said...

It is especially impressive when he cranks up the special effects with the fog machine.

Saw some new effects that morning - like a think fog/cloud rolling across the middle of the fairway on 15 while the tee was still in sunshine.

Unfortunately my game performance was not up to the venue or effects with a 52 on the back.

Civic Center said...

Dear mw: It's sometimes easy to get distracted.