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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Have I got a dirty job for you....

Water line running into water tank. Note the nice trench.
I am recruiting nephews and nieces (because Uncle Mike is not a sexist pig and firmly believe in the complete equality of the sexes) for a dirty but necessary and really fun job at camp. But before reviewing the pictures, I suggest first cranking up the volume on this:

Water line from tank to new foundation wall (note nice trench)
Water line emerges from other side of new foundation wall
Water line emerges into crawlspace of old section not in a nice trench.
Water line arcs across crawlspace next to pier kind of the opposite of being safely in a trench
Water line dives back underground on other side of crawlspace, under the foundation and back into a nice trench.
Brian, Roy, Eric, Katie, Kristy, Leah, and Jonah - Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to dig us a nice trench for the water line so it does not freeze in the winter. Really.

1 comment:

Civic Center said...

Glad to read you're not a sexist pig and that you're going to torture/ennoble youthful relatives regardless of gender. Good luck with all this.