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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ess Eff Symphony 100 Year Anniversary Opening Gala

Many more pics later. Stay tuned.

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Civic Center said...

Sorry not to have bumped into you at our gala evening. I see you made it to the crowded Opera House foyer for cocktails. Did you do the tent or City Hall for dinner? And who are your celebrity photo subjects?

Looked for you at the party afterwards but no luck. Got stuck with Charlotte and George Schultz instead.

mw said...

Quite the crowd. Bigger than I expected. I was looking at everyone carrying a camera thinking I might spot you, but then everyone there was carrying a camera. That's why you need a cell phone. I could have texted you my location.

I got a bunch of pictures and some video clips, but am jammed now, as I'm flying to Chicago this afternoon. Probably this weekend before I get them posted.

We were in the rotunda. Very impressive. They did a hell of job.

Since Charlotte and George live in our building, I don't really consider them celebrities. We did see Willie holding court at the reception.

Looking forward to seeing your pics too.