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Monday, November 10, 2008

Sharp Park R.I.P?

I have no idea if this writer has any particular insight into the direction The City eventually takes with our golf courses. But if he is right, Sharp Park is done. That would be disappointing.  I only hope that, as he speculates, Lincoln Park lives on and is improved.

Sharp Park Golf Course seems set to close
Greg Quiroga-S.F. Golf Examiner
"Now that the election is over we may finally see some movement on this issue. Here's my call: San Francisco will keep Lincoln as an 18-hole course, but with the goal of making it actually profitable. There is no place to readily convert Lincoln to a usable 9-hole course, and build soccer fields. The place is too hilly, and any layout that would make for a good 9 would include the flatest fairways. Sharp Park will be sacrificed to the naturalists and soccer fields. There are lots of flat fairways to choose from to create soccer fields while still leaving plenty of space to create a large buffer zone around the wetlands habitat.I could be wrong. Either way, you should get out and play Sharp Park course while you can. Winter is on the way, and those wetlands are only going to get wetter this year."


Anonymous said...


I wrote the piece on Sharp Park, and I'm as convinced as ever that it is unfortunately doomed. There's been no official movement on the issue, but I've a source in Pacifica who says the consultant is in, working full-force.

I hope he's wrong, and I'm made out to look like a boy crying wolf.

mw said...

Hi Greg,
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. This blog is pretty much just visited by my friends and family - and my golfing foursome, so I'm always surprised to see new visitors.

I expect you are right about Sharp. Sharp and Lincoln are sitting on some pretty valuable real estate, are run by a city that is strapped for cash, with city Supervisors who can't get their collective head out of their ass, think golf is a rich white mans sport, and want to turn San Francisco into a socialist paradise. You don't really need more analysis than that to see which way the wind is blowing. Its too bad. Lincoln in particular is a gem, and 17th hole is a pretty a golf whole as you can find anywhere in the world. In a few years I expect to be devleoped as a conference center for the study on the effect of Global Warming on the sex lives of gophers.