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Friday, May 30, 2003

Eating and Fishing and Eating and Drinking and More Eating at Green Valley Lake

Some pics from Mike & Stan's fishing adventure at Green Valley Lake in the San Bernadino Mountains east of Los Angeles.

Our first day's catch. The big trout was on the grill that evening, and the small trout were in the frying pan Sunday morning.

The first day's catch was prepared "au naturale" on the Weber with alder wood smoke and served with rice and green beans for Saturday dinner.

The breakfast fish were sauteed in butter, salt, pepper, a "wee-dram" of Balvene scotch. and served with with grits on Sunday morning.

Then back out on the lake for more fish.

The Day two catch (6 more)... 

... highlighted by Stan's "dragged worm" trout as we were heading back.

Sunday night's preparation:

After one hour in a soy sauce, hot chili olive oil marinade, the fish was grilled on hand-hewn year old oak planks.

Served with rice, grilled jalapeno, green salad with blue cheese dressing and a 2000 Gabianno Chianti.

It was really really good. I can't believe I ate the whole thing.

EDITORS NOTE: This back post from a contemporaneous e-mail to friends and family

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