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Saturday, July 2, 2016

19th Hole at the Tee Off

We decided to change our venue for Apres-Golf to the Tee Off on Clement. After the Mikes lost the lunch bet to the Not-Mikes on Brad's miraculous finish, Mike O suddenly recalled that he had an appointment in Sacramento.  That left this Mike holding the bag, literally. The Tee-Off is still recovering from a kitchen fire, so, at the bartenders suggestion. We  ordered Bento boxes from the Japanese restaurant next door, and they delivered them to us back to the bar. We ate, drank and pretended to be interested in the soccer game while drinking a Guinness.

I can't complain about the round. This may be the Breakthrough I've been waiting for.

Brad 78
Mike1 92
Mike3 94
Will 94

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