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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Not Live Blogging Lincoln Park

Roy and I played a morning round at Lincoln Park on Sunday. Since there were only two of us,  I did not inflict my blogging obsession on Greg,  the unsuspecting golfer who the starter paired with us. That's him looking dubiously at us in the background of our 17th tee selfie. 

Spectacular day. Unspectacular results. 

Good burger and beer though.

MW 102
RE 105

Many of you have asked how I am doing with my 2015 Golfing resolution to play more golf than the President of the United States.  Actually, none of you have asked. However, I am sure many of you are wondering.

Current Status - I have a narrow lead

 Wallach: 7 Rounds in 2015 (including today's round not reflected in list)

Revision ScoresRecent ScoresH.I. HistC.H. CalcMy Card
*AI1/25/1510670.6/12532.0Sharp Park GC
AI1/12/1510165.9/10637.4Lincoln Park GC
*AI1/11/159770.6/12523.9Sharp Park GC
AI1/10/1510670.5/12133.2Harding Park (Tpc) GC Harding
*AI1/9/159969.2/12227.6Stanford University GC
CI1/6/1510366.4/10439.8Lincoln Park GC / Lincoln Park

Obama: 5 Rounds in 2015:

 - Porcupine Creek, Rancho Mirage, CA - Obama on His Third Day of Golf
 - Porcupine Creek, Rancho Mirage, CA - Golf at Larry Ellison's Course
 - Sunnylands, Rancho Mirage, CA - Valetine's Day Golf, Sans Michelle
 - Andrews AFB - Obama Not Complaining About Global Warming Today
 - Kaneohe Klipper, Hawaii - Yep, golf, last time for this vacation - 9 rounds

This does not bode well for my current pace, as I am in sunny drought-stricken California and Obama is is snow and icebound Washington D.C.  I need to step up my game.

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Civic Center said...

We'll be rooting for you all the way.

mw said...

Thank you for your support. It'll be tough. Once the cherry blossoms bloom we'll never get Obama off the course.