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Monday, January 12, 2015

That's a wrap for the first EssEff Bad Golfer Invitational

With today's round at Lincoln we complete the first annual EssEff Bad Golfer Invitational. At least from my perspective, it was an unqualified success. I played four great courses in four days (Lincoln, Sharp, Harding & Stanford). Enjoyed the rounds with new and old golfing buddies (Brad, Zach, Mike, Mike, Richard, Geno, & Will). Brad deserves special mention for immediately signing up to play all four rounds.  I met my usual goal of breaking 100 at two of the four courses - Stanford and Sharp. Missed it at Harding, and the Lincoln score was accidentally lost (see below). More importantly, with four full rounds in 2015, I am maintaining a pace to meet my 2015 Golfing Resolution of playing more golf this year than the President of the United States. At this point, I expect we are tied.

Unfortunately, I had to leave as soon as we finished the last round at Lincoln, so did not have an opportunity enjoy a beer with Brad and Will and to post the traditional 19th Hole wrap-up and final scores for today's round. To make up for that oversight, I was going to post the scorecard here, but due to a series of unfortunate circumstances the scores for today's round are virtually unreadable. The scorecard had coffee spilled on it, then I accidentally applied the "Impressionist" filter to the photographic image I took of it in my phone, then a rabid dog ate the scorecard. 

To the best of my recollection:

BK  79
WH 105*

All I recall is that with my 47 on the front, it would have required a complete collapse on the last three holes for me miss breaking 100, but since the scorecard is lost, I can't be sure.

 After playing 4 rounds in 4 days, plus driving range and  9 hole practice rounds for the four days before that, I think I now need to spend a few days determining if my marriage can be salvaged. I'm sure she'll get over it eventually.

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Civic Center said...

Oh, dear. You should notify the authorities about that rabid dog, which was probably a local coyote. And congratulations on inaugurating and finishing the Tour de San Francisco. Be aware, however, that the extremely unflattering photo of Mike that you put onto the internet will be avenged sometime in the future. You have been warned.

mw said...

I am sure I don't know what you are talking about. I've rechecked the blog and Mike looks as good as can be expected in all of his pics.

However I do offer editing rights for images in this blog. If you can prove you are the Mike you say you are, I will edit as requested.

It is in our mutual interest to avoid a war of Mutual Assured Destruction.