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Friday, November 14, 2014

Corvallis Cousin Quincidence

Quince Membrillo
I spent last weekend visiting family in the Northern California county of Oregon.  I'm not sure why this is the case, but I've got more cousins per capita in Oregon than anywhere outside of Chicagoland. On the maternal side of the family my Aunt Betty and Uncle Don migrated to the Corvallis area from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan via Wisconsin.

Uncle Don and many, many cousins.

This branch of the family favors micro-brews, home brews, and chair throwing barroom brawls.

The infamous Yooper home brews -  Big Shag Big Stout and Escanaba Pail Ale were made with the brewing expertise from these Corvallis cousins and supplied by cousin Joel's  Corvallis Brewing Supply:

Coincidentally, cousins from the paternal side of the family also migrated to Corvallis from Chicago via San Francisco and Santiago, Chile.  So I also had the opportunity to spend time with Aunt Gloria and cousins Rob and Paula.

Rob's a retired educator and for a second act, he and Paula have embarked on a gourmet entrepreneurial venture - a quince orchard and Quince Essentials:

They sent me home with a jar of their organic quince spread aka "Membrillo" and instructions on how to enjoy the South American delicacy. Their recommendation: serve it with manchego or white cheddar cheese on water crackers or crusty bread. Last night we enjoyed it on the side with Sigrid's split pea soup.

Really good. While enjoying the gourmet treat, I am thinking to myself - "I've had this before."  Then I remembered. Another cousin. Another retired educator. And to complete the circle - back to the U.P.  a couple of years ago:

Shag Lake - Fall 2009
And another good reason to blog. The blog has a better memory than me.


Civic Center said...

Northern California county of Oregon? Those are some serious fighting words for our neighbors north of the state border.

And yes, my blog has a way superior memory to my actual brain. It's amazing how much we throw away mentally every day.

mw said...

Look, it's not my fault that Oregonians can't deal with practical reality.

It's a lot like the Canadians being unable to deal with the simple reality that they actually are our 51st state.

I mean, they are our biggest state, even bigger than Texas and Alaska. You'd think that would satisfy them.