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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

2006 Shag Update - Fall Color Edition 1 - Escanaba River Cataracts

Dawn from the deck.

September 27, 2006 - Mike K, Mike W, Harlan and Poppa converge on Shag Lake. We arrive in two cars and two routes - Harlan and Mike K arrive after dark by way of Boney Falls with three trout. Mike W and Poppa arrive by way of the Island Casino late afternoon with $185 more in their wallets than when they left Chicago. Both stoves were fired up and chili was cooking when the fishermen got there. Cold night outside, toasty in the camp. Awoke the next day to peaking color at Shag.

Shag Lake in the fall.

Lil' Camp in the Fall

Mike, Mike, and Harlan get ready for the Escanaba Granite Canyon expedition:

Mike K and Harlan work the Escanaba:

Harlan works a pool in front of a Maple

MW photographs MK fishing the bottom of the cataracts

More of the Escanaba cataracts with Harlan's catch & release:

Finally, these from our initial Escanaba cataract expedition in the spring:

NOTE: Converted, reformatted, edited, expanded and back-posted from a contemporaneous e-mail update.

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