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Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Big Shag Big Stout - Hood River Review

A Hood River review was documented in this e-mail without photographic support. Backposted here to document the historically significant brewmaster notes.
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Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2005 5:42 PM

From: MW

Subject: RE: Northern Californian Big Shag Big Stout tasting

No really. What did you think of the beer? - mw

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Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2005 15:01:46 -0700
From: MR

Subject: RE: Northern Californian Big Shag Big Stout tasting


You neglected one other important review--nephew Connal was overheard to remark "...tastes like every other beer I've ever tasted" in a surly attitude typical of a 13 year old. Now mind you I didn't see him actually take a taste of the Shag Stout and you also have to wonder how one so young could develop such a discerning palate but in the interest of fair and balanced coverage I think we must report on his review.

- Matt

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Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2005 12:59:46 -0700
From: JR

Subject: Northern Californian Big Shag Big Stout tasting

In the county Eastern Oregon, just across the river from the county Washington, the first tasting of Big Shag Big Stout was performed in Hood River. Unfortunately, we were camera poor for this event and there is no visual evidence this occurrence actually happened and the following may go down as "folk lore" or even "urban myth".

Present were brewmaster Joel, UP trout catching master Matt and wife Tina AKA "The Bee Slayer", The Original UP'er Aunt Betty, Neumann family daughter stealer Uncle Don, Newspaper Editorialist Kirby and wife Lorree "Salad Maker Supreme". Missing was Brent "The Ill Fated" , of whom it was noted
"but Brent is not here so should we really go on with the tasting?" The response of "W.W.B.D.?" left us all stunned and shocked at the clarity of Kirby's vision. With nothing really more to say we cracked open two of the allotted Northern California Oregon County's share of 4 bottles.

The beer was simply amazing. Perfect carbonation, roasty with hints of molasses and very easy to drink. "hints of bass" and "This tastes like the outhouse in the old shed" (Aunt Betty) were flowing forthwith and without abandon. Uncle Don, noted that he had never drunk so much Shag lake in his life!" Newspaper man Kirby yelled "stop the press" as the sun faded out of sight only to later realize that no light shall pass through Big Shag Big Stout.

For a short time, at least 1050 mls. worth, there was no pollution on a pristine earth, only one united people roamed the planet peaceful and content. Ah crap...shouldn't have gulped that so fast!

Welcome back to reality and the fine state of Oregon just across the Columbia River from the fine state of Washington.
For food to accompany Big Shag Big Stout try smoked salmon with capers and believe it or not...fresh mango. I imagine that twinkies and ho-ho's could be a fine accompaniment to this dark, rich with highlights of garnet and mosquito larvae ale.

- Joel

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