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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Mid-week Presidio

In my continuing quest to play half as many rounds as the President of the United States in 2018, we scheduled a mid-week round at the historic Presidio course. This course always kicks my ass and today was no exception.

Played with Stuart and Other Bob (OB2). "T" joined us as a single, but I did not catch the accurate spelling of his multi-syllabic name. He said to call him ""T". I'm good with that. It was a beautiful day on a beautiful course.

We're on the 3rd hole, but for some reason Bob is on the 2nd fairway. 
I don't remember which hole this is. 
Some pics from the day...

Bob off the tee and into the trees on the right
On my way to a par on 13
Stuart tees off on 12 and 13
 We had a discussion on which hole we would consider to be the "Signature Hole" at Presidio. My choice is 18, as the imposing row of mature eucalyptus standing at attention on the left side of the fairway invokes the military history of the course. Well - in my mind anyway.

MW on 18th Tee
Stuart on 18th Tee
Bob's 4th and 5th shots after hitting his tee shot into the right side,
taking a unplayable drop then hitting across the fairway behind this tree.
We lost count of his score on this hole. 
 Like I said:

SJ - 88
BF - 96
MW - 109

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Sharp Park - No Cigar

It's round two at Sharp Park for this foursome. The same crew - Original Bob (aka OB1), Other Bob (aka OB2), Stuart, and your loyal blogger - played here last week. At the 19th Hole, it was unanimously decided that we need another shot at this track ASAP. So we're back again.

Stuart on 4th Tee
The day started cool, grey and blustery but the marine layer burned off within an hour and we enjoyed sunshine the rest of the round. In no particular order, some pics from the day:

OB2 on 6th Tee
I believe OB1 is signaling that he found his ball
Somewhere after the turn
MW on 16th tee
OB1 admiring Stuart's swing
OB1 on 6 (or 7)
OB2 on 16th Tee
OB2 congratulates me on kicking his ass all over the course...

 We walked the course and my score improved marginally over last week. 

Final Scores:

SJ - 84
BP - 91
MW - 100 (net 70)
BF - 100 (net 84)

Close on my goal to break 100, but no cigar. It only takes a few stupid shots to fall short, and I had more than a few. Stuart had the only birdie of the day with a 4 on the par 5 fourth. Everybody improved over last week, except for Other Bob - he got worse.