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Saturday, June 22, 2013

2nd Annual Alister MacKenzie Tournament to Save Sharp Park - Denouement

My hand-picked team of high handicap hackers finished with a par score. They were selected to take advantage of the Net Best Ball format that we were told would be the tournament scoring methodology.  Instead, upon arriving at the course we learned we would instead be scored as a Gross Scramble Score.  But I am not one to complain.  While a 72 is not a very good score for a four man scramble,  I am unlikely to ever again see a 72 next to my name, so thought I should document the scoreboard for it's historic value.

This was Sandy Tatum's winning team, which shot a 59...

Congrats to the winners [kaf, cough, ahem, blowjob, kaf, koff]. But I am not bitter.

Bo explains it all as only Bo can.
Patently unfair format aside... It was a great event, for a great cause that continues to attract some of the best and brightest Bay Area luminaries in the game.  Kudos to the San Francisco Public Golf Alliance, the Sharp Park Golf Club, Sharp Park restaurant and everyone involved. Great turnout, horderves , on-course grill, cool sweaters, and, of course, great golf on a great course.

And - I just love the tag line - "Come play for history." Perfect.

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