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Friday, July 8, 2011

Gualala Estuary

Looks quit a bit different from my last visit - the river is now closed to the sea. We'll be kayaking in the river this afternoon.

UPDATE: Some pics from our kayaking adventure:

After kayaking - we checked out the property.

More pics and vid clips later.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Our Kayak Adventure

This is part of our new "Pretend to be a San Francisco Tourist" initiative - wherein we pretend to be tourists to see all the great sites in The City that we have somehow managed to miss in the 26 years we have lived here.

We signed up for a "Moonlight Kayak" under a full moon with City Kayak on Friday last. I don't know what we really expected. Maybe something like the picture from their website above. Nice flat water. Clear night. Paddle around for a while right off the piers and take a few pictures. Never actually read it of course.

This was our actual route:

We started at Pier 40 right before sunset riding two-man sit-inside kayaks. First over to McCovey Cove by the ballpark, under the drawbridge and back out. Nice and easy. Still daylight. Then to the base of the Bay Bridge, then the full length of the west span out to Yerba Buena Island. Then back. In the dark. In the wind. In the current. In the swells. In the shipping lanes under the bridge dodging ferries and tugs dragging giant barges and fighting their wakes. All in all - two and a half hours of a blister inducing pull. In retrospect - it was a great adventure for a couple of beginner kayakers. But we did not know what we were getting into.

Some pics from along the way:

Our guide gets our new kayak buddies situated.

Heading out from the pier. Little did we know.

In McCovey Cove outside the ball park.
I've seen this spot from a different vantage point.

Somewhere in the middle of the Bay in the moonlight.
Around here I stopped taking pictures and just concentrated on getting back.

Our guide was taking pictures during the outing from our escort boat. If I ever figure out how to get my hands on the pics, I'll post them here. Like I said, we didn't know what we were getting into. But -

It was still great fun.

UPDATE: City Kayak posted the pics - their slideshow:

At Pier 40 and City Kayak

A " pretend" SF tourist adventure. Leaving the phone behind. More pics later.

Note: This turned into more of an adventure that we expected. Should have noted that City Kayak considers the Moonlight Kayak to be an "intermediate" kayak outing.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Live blogging McCovey Cove & Barry's 756th

I've decided to walk down the hill and supplement my retirement income by snagging Bond's 756th. Just got a feeling that tonight is the night. I am going to position myself along the walkway over the right field fence, where I will be in a position to grab a rebound off of some kayaker's head. I'll be wearing a red St. Louis Cardinal cap, so should be easy to spot. Wearing a Cardinal cap is a very tough thing for a Cub fan like myself to do, but it is apropos for this event. It is the McGuire commemorative cap from the night he broke Roger Maris single season home run record with his 62nd home in a win over my Cubbies. I was there in Busch Memorial Stadium that night. I was also there in Pac Bell park the night that Barry Bonds broke McGuire's record with his 71st home run. I got a commemorative black Bond's cap that night too. So tonight I will complete the Steroid Hat Trick and be there to get the big one.

Thursday, September 21, 1995

Africa Journal - Canoeing the Zambezi

Africa Journal

September 21, 1995

Canoeing the Zambezi
Up at 5:00 AM to meet Mark for a early morning game walk. The night watchman saw lion at the waterhole earlier this morning. Mark finds their tracks and we follow them for quite a distance but never spot them. Little other game this morning, but a very enjoyable hike.

Then into town where we meet at the Shearwater Rafting office for an all day canoe trip on the upper (above the falls) Zambezi river. We had originally planned to go whitewater rafting on the lower Zambezi as stated in the itinerary, but when we looked at the travel vouchers, we found that we had been mistakenly booked on the canoe trip. We took this as an omen from the travel gods, and decide to forgo the whitewater. This decision made easier after we hearing a horror story about a recent drowning (not the outfit we had been booked with, which has an excellent safety record). The water is very low due to the drought, and the additional rock exposure may be creating additional risk for the class 4 and 5 rapids.

Our tamer canoe trip begins with a game drive through the Zambezi National Park where it parallels the banks of the Zambezi river. We pass a portion of the park that is fenced off with barbed wire and posted with signs warning of mines. This was near a shallow portion of the river that could be easily crossed. The Rhodesian Security Forces mined the area during the war. Over the years, most, if not all, of the mines have been detonated by wildlife. We stop to talk to another guide, who displays a dent in the fender of his tour vehicle caused by a charging elephant. "The clients found it exciting." He says.

Elephant Damage

The canoes are an inflatable type, which are very stable but too much work in the wind. Our group consists of three other canoes with British, German, and Australian couples, and Brian, our guide, in a kayak.

We go through a few class 1 and class 2 rapids which put a little stress on our marriage. The river is beautiful, and when we aren’t fighting the wind, it is a very relaxing trip. Highlights include: a seven foot crocodile splashing into the water as we round a bend of the river, and watching a herd of 20 to 30 elephants (including several babies) come down to river bank to drink.

Over dinner at the Masuwe Lodge , we trade stories with the other guests. We learn that on the morning game drive, Clever spotted a fresh kill. Hyenas were ripping apart a cape buffalo. Vivid descriptions of Hyenas with blood soaked heads and the sounds of crunching bones does not seem to affect anyone’s appetite. I drink too much wine and to the astonishment of all present, announce that I am intending to bungee jump off of the Victoria Falls bridge the next day.

After dinner, Sigrid and I go on a night game drive with Mark. This consists of Mark driving the property while I sweep the area with a million candlepower spotlight, looking for the reflecting eyes of animals. I spot an antelope, a water buck, and 12 to 15 wolf spiders, which, interestingly enough, throw back a bright yellow/green reflection when hit with the light. Mark captures one of the spiders for detailed identification later, and promises to name it after me if it turns out to be a new species. I magnanimously offer a hyphenation since he did the capture.


NOTE FROM THE FUTURE: This is a back-post / cross-post from my first on-line journal/blogging effort - a journal of our Southern Africa Tour in 1995. Originally posted here, the term "blog" had not yet entered the parlance.   I am migrating the original posts to this blog  and the links to original journal Date Index or Africa Tour Home Page will likely eventually disappear.